Thursday, December 19, 2013

Out-of-the-Box {TRULY} Last Minute Gift Ideas {For the Procrastinator in All of Us}

My family and I are preparing to leave for the holidays and travel South to spend time with my family through the end of the year and I am SO excited! I am also ALREADY exhausted just thinking about all the last minute things I need to do to ensure a smooth transition from the Pacific Northwest to my old stomping grounds of Georgia and Alabama.
This year, since we are traveling for the holidays, we went with some not-so-traditional {for us} ideas for gift giving {which included a lot of online ordering} and I thought I would share just a few last -minute ideas with some of you out there who are looking for some quick ideas for those loved ones in your lives.  Considering we are now less than a week away from Christmas...we are emphasizing the TRULY.
This one's for the procrastinator in all of us...yes, including me!
We all know that word art is all the rage right now and with a simple flick of the paint pen on just about any medium, you can make your very own - from the heart- message to gift to someone special whether it be for a  friend or someone in your own family.
I love the idea of taking traditional elements and using them in non-traditional ways and these plates are the perfect example. Take a trip to the thrift, stock up and stamp, paint or write away. Use a favorite quote or like Knack did here. Or, you could apply just one word that exemplifies that special someone in your life!
SIDENOTE: Can we talk about how awesome these scripture plates are? A nod to I John 4:18. Love.
And if you're really good with your hands, you could create something like this lovely piece found on Linea Carta. Amazing. She also has an Etsy shop {obviously for future orders and not Christmas} that you will want to check out. What a great find!
For the Grandparents, nothing beats a personal gift from the grandkids and what's cuter than handprints on canvas? Not much. Last year the kids and I used gray acrylic paints to make artwork to frame for our own gallery wall. Add a modern photo frame or another style to fit yours or others' personal home décor and you've got a quick, easy gift that you won't ever have to worry about ending up at next year's White Elephant Gift party.

No frames? No problem. Another super quick and inexpensive idea is to use some of your kids' fave photos and take it to canvas! Again, if you have any hand lettering or calligraphy skills, you can add a sweet phrase or name and year of your child to make it even more personal!

TIP: Make friends with a someone who has mad handwriting won't regret it! And if you're struggling in that department, here is a list of a few handy letterers I found on Etsy. You can see an extended list here.

So I guess I am on a "words" kick today but I love the idea of giving gifts that are more than just functional...they have to be pretty as well. Even if you're not the best at handmade gifts, just about anyone can create this easy and fun tea towel set for mom. You really don't have to have any mad sewing skills to pull this one off either! The no-sew version is always an option for all of the non Martha peeps out there! This super cute one from Taryn from Design, Dining, and Diapers is simple and elegant. If you have scrap fabrics or muslin lying around, you could whip up a set of these in no time. The one below has a flower stamped but you could, again, use individual words or a phrase fitting for your mom or MIL.
You can find the towels pictured here on my Pinterest board.
If you're a real warrior and have a little more time, try using this silhouette tutorial on a set of towels with your kiddies' faces on them. You're mom is sure to love them!
The old adage never changes..."the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" so why should Christmas be any different...and what better theme than, yep, you guessed it...bacon. I thought it would be SO fun {and this would especially be a gift for those of you who don't cook a lot or who just can't find the time to do it as often as you'd like} to perhaps make this an add-on. How surprised would your special someone be if you told them that you had themed meals planned for the day? Just me? I know my hubby would be too happy!
You could choose any theme you want to bless the socks off your awesome man of the house but for me, THIS would be my go-to. OMG. Who knew bacon could be so classy?
From Grilled Pear, Bacon and Maple Syrup Crepes in the morning to Curried Bacon and caramelized Onion Soup at night for dinner, whatever  theme you choose is sure to fill your man's tummy and his heart! There's even a recipe on my board for bacon marshmallows. Wow.
Honestly, you could totally use these ideas and gifts throughout the year!
I can't wait to see what you guys come up with and hopefully these have helped you wrap up your Christmas list!
For more ideas, follow my  Last Minute Gifting Ideas Pinterest board here.
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  1. Lovely roundup! Merry Christmas!

  2. love those platters!!
    And you'd probably not believe, I still have one of yours. I think it was left at my house after a little get-together of some sort, and you said to hang on to it, and it holds my soap and lotion by the kitchen, so I smile when I wipe it out on occasion and think of you.


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