Thursday, May 22, 2014

ENCOURAGE | Are You Distracted?

We had a small, situation...with my second born son on Monday morning.

Our oldest son's birthday was this past weekend and my hubby takes the boys on a camping trip each year with friends and other dads to celebrate. It's kind of a family tradition and as they have done it since Caleb was four years old. He is now ten. 

Well, the boys came back on Sunday with loads of clothes to wash, smelly boy bodies and loads of stories to tell. 

That night, Logan came in a bit freaked out telling us that there was a bug in his room that he had just flicked off of him. Earlier he'd mentioned that there was a moth in his room so we thought he was talking about the moth and encouraged him that it was okay.  We then instructed him to go back into his room and wait for us to come in and pray with him. 

The next morning as they we were preparing the kids to walk out the door to school, my husband let me know that the "bug" that Logan spoke of the night before was a TICK that he had just killed in the kitchen just moments before. 

Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. 

"A tick?", I thought. "Oh, my. Lime disease. What about lime disease? Is my son destined for a life of chaos and disruption from a body controlled by this disease?" 

Are you with me? We've all done it. We've all allowed thoughts and fears to consume our minds instead of the the truth. 

And in that moment, I was fully consumed by just that. Fear. 

The kids left and I began the battle to capture every vain imagination. Everything that was contrary to what the Word says about my life and my family's...

I called a friend to agree in prayer with me for Logan's body, for my mind and mother's heart. 

I then did just what any mom would do...I called the pediatrician to get some professional advice and I made a vow that I WOULD NOT even think about Googling anything online. And I didn't...

We made an appointment with the ped and saw him later that afternoon. 

Honestly, there wasn't really much that he could offer but he did help put my mind at ease in letting me know that the bite itself wasn't infected and had actually begun to heal. 

As we left the doctor's office I was admittedly not extremely pleased with the doc's comments and how some of my questions were just unanswered. Or, were they?

While my questions about what we could expect and what was going on in my son's body weren't answered and honestly there was no way they could be, they were answered and covered by God and His word. And that is exactly what I was reminded to stand on.

Later that day I was also reminded that we have an enemy. We have an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy every part or our lives. He is, if nothing else, a distraction.

I know to some of you, this really would not have been a big deal. "So what? Take the tick, smoosh it and be done."  Well, the big picture here isn't even about the tick itself and therein lies the irony. This is really more about what the tick represented in this story.

You see, aside from that little distraction of this stupid little bloodsucker, it was one of the best days Logan has had in a long while in relation to controlling his emotions (he is our 'feeler') and just learning how to have a joyful heart and happy attitude no matter what life may bring.

This past week or so has also been a great time of transition for our family. A time of evaluation, dream realization and really seeking God about the future of our family and what He sees. In summary, things have just been flat out Good. Amazing. Fabulous.

Isn't it just like the enemy to creep in subtly just when we least expect it and try to distract us and keep our eyes, hearts, minds off of the goodness of God?

It seems sometimes we are so easily distracted by the little things that they become magnified and bigger than the biggest "thing"...God and His goodness, faithfulness, mercy in and on our lives. (Ref.  2Cor 2:11)

On this day I was reminded once again to praise God for His protection over our family and His victory over the enemy of our lives.

So, whatever it is that is distracting you...dirty diapers, kids crying, fussing, fighting. A distressed marriage or relationship that needs mending...God is bigger. So much bigger. While it seems like the waves are crashing in, there is One who controls the waves and waters of your life and He seeks to calm those and silence any distractions.

Today, I'm believing for peace in each of your hearts and minds and that the voice of God becomes bigger, louder and more real than ever us all...

If this post were a hashtag it would read #wearenotswayed #wedonotdrawback #relentlessfaith. Just sayin.

Excited about the future and this big life we live, 


  1. You have no idea how I needed this! I'm happy that your lil guy is ok and I know I would have thought the same things some bugs are killer!

    1. Shunee! Thanks so much for stopping by and I am SO glad that it encouraged you! Have an amazing week!

  2. Hi Kennesha! I just wanted to tell you how much I love this post and adore your family! I'm so tired I can't keep up with all the blogs that I LOVE or comment enough but I love this and your blog. You positive outlook and faith are very encouraging to me and I know so many others! Are you going to Haven? I would love to meet you in person one day :)

    1. Oh, Summer! You bless me! Thanks so much for following along and taking the time to stop by and comment. Really means a lot. I won't be at Haven this year but will hopefully be at Allume in October. Maybe I will see you there! Hugs to you and have an awesome week!


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