Thursday, May 15, 2014

INSPIRE | I am not a Hustler.

I've been sitting on this one for a few days now.

I know, it goes against everything this culture tells us.

If you want a good job. Work for it.
If you want to be successful in life. Work for it.
If you want to have the best education. Work for it.
If you want the best of friends and get invited to the best of parties. Work for it.
And let's not even begin to talk about all the "pressure" that comes along with being a blogger. 

The only problem with "working for it" is that well, we are human. And in all of our humanness, as much effort as we put in, sometimes working for it just doesn't work.

Is there a time for work? Absolutely. In no way am I discounting integrity, service, or a strong work ethic but if WORK becomes your GOD. It's time to REST. Period.

Honestly, we're not just talking physical work here. We're talking an unrest in the soul that can cause deep feelings of anxiety and fear that present themselves as a result of just flat-out not trusting God.
{hand raised. hello.}

If you've been following along here or on Instagram, you know that my family and I are heading into a pretty interesting season in relation to our rental and moving into our next home. An adventure of sorts...

We have about 45 days {give or take} until we have to be outta this house and into a new one.

Did I mention that, at this point, we have absolutely NO IDEA where we are going?

Did I also mention that we've "hustled" and "worked" and "sacrificed" so much to stack away funds for our next new home?

Without getting into the nitty gritty details while still being as vulnerable as possible (in hope of setting some of you out there free as well), we've kinda come to a place where we're just ready to REST.

Have you been there?

Have you been in that place where you're so tired and feel so lost it's nearly suffocating? I have.

Have you felt so overwhelmed by worries, fears, doubts and stress that some days seem hopeless? Me too. 

To be honest, I was and am tired of living that way.
I will hustle...
I will strive...
I will longer.

I am not a hustler. And neither are you.

Just let it sink in.

We live and move and have our being...IN HIM. {Acts 17:28}

We do not strive but have peace and take comfort in knowing that everything we need is found...IN HIM. {2 Peter 1:3}

I have absolutely no idea where we will be at the end of next month but what I do know is that He is for us. He loves us.
He wants to bless us.
He has always taken care of us and His plan for us is PERFECT.

So, can you say it with me?
"I am NOT a HUSTLER. I rest in the one who HOLDS MY LIFE in HIS HANDS."



  1. New to your blog. I love this post!! God always provides sn answer--more than we can ever do on our own. It is so refreshing to read how you are stepping out in faith. You will be led to the place and purpose that God has prepared for you. Go with God.

    1. Thanks for encouraging Peggy! Glad you found the blog! XO

  2. I just found this post today. It was meant for me today. Not yesterday, but today. Thanks

    1. Hi Tina! So welcome and thanks for stopping by. Glad it encouraged you! Have a great week!

  3. I am the "hustler". Never slowing down even to enjoy what I've worked so hard for.. Thanks for your perspective. I need to slow down and I need to trust God more. I am tired and worn. Time to rest in His perfect will for my life

  4. Wow, thank you for sharing and inspiring!
    You spoke to my current life, I'm in the mist of the journey to freedom as well


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