Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The One that Didn't Get Away | My Sweet Savannah Flea Market

Hey Guys and happy Thursday!
So, I almost forgot to share My Sweet Savannah's Flea Market trip with you from this weekend.

Me and the bestie hopped into the car and headed up to Melaine's on this past Saturday morning for a little bit of shopping.

We got there just a few minutes early so that I could snap a few shots before others arrived.

Once I got home I realized that I didn't even get a photo of Melaine with all of her goods. A bummer but here are some photos for you to enjoy nonetheless!

We will call this alabaster lamp "the one that almost got away". I have looked at these things every time I walk into a local antique shop thinking I don't really have anywhere to put one right now. But, for the price, this one was worth a text to Melaine to ask if it was still around after the sale was over.
And what do you was! SOLD! Can't wait to find the perfect spot for it in our next house.
Of course there were so many fun things to choose from and just look at.
Handpainted salvaged wood, weathered boards. Vintage ephemera and glass and metal vessels of every kind.
For those of you who follow My Sweet Savannah, you are surely aware of her workshop that each and every one of us has coveted at some point in time.
I just love Melaine and her creativity and she allowed it to flow into her work space for the sale.
There were all sorts of fun things to choose from in here...
She even had some fun architectural pieces. My girlfriend Jen from Space Number Sixteen took these home with her.
Isn't it beautiful?
(Only one pictured but came as a pair)
On the way out, we managed to grab some sweets and make a donation to a Relay for Life bake bale that Savannah (her daughter and blog's namesake) and some of her friends were hosting.
We had so much fun but it was kind of like a whirlwind of a shopping trip and since I was so occupied with taking it all in visually, talking to the bestie and socializing altogether, my photos suffered.
I sure hope this was just enough to give you a taste of the morning and that you all are having an amazing week. I sure do love ya!



  1. Sorry I missed out on this. That lamp is gorgeous! So glad you got it.

    1. Stacey! I would love to meet you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love these pictures! How fun!!!

  3. Loved this sale! After I left and was halfway home, I realized I had forgotten to get a group pic! I wanted a pic of Melaine, you and I to share on my blog. Anyway, you got some great shots and thanks for mentioning me!! ;)

    1. Wasn't it so fun? So great meeting you and that would have been a great pic! Next time!


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