Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MOTIVATE | DIY Rolling Milk Crate Stool

Hey guys!
I am FINALLY getting to share the fun sneak peek from Instagram that I posted like a week ago! Ah!

We are officially in the middle of our move and things are getting kinda crazy up in here! Whew!

I stopped for about an hour yesterday to snap some photos through our peeks of Seattle sunlight to put this post together and show you how I made this fun DIY Milk Crate Rolling Stool.

Honestly, it's so easy and becomes such a functional piece of mobile furniture! Win, win.

So, let's get to it. Shall we? 

Here's what you will need:
  • Quilt Batting
  • Upholstery Foam
  • Wooden Board (cut to size)
  • Staple/Nail Gun
  • Fabric of Choice (for final covering of board)
  • Casters (HOME DEPOT)
  • Wooden Milk Crate (or crate/box/bin of some sort)

I'm missing a few pics here and somehow didn't get one of all of my supplies before I began. Must have had something to do with doing this in the middle of about a billion other things. 

You'll want to begin by lying your board (after cutting to size) down on your work surface and wrapping the upholstery foam around the sides. Next, you'll need to staple the foam around to secure tightly. For this one I worked from corner to corner. 

My foam measured the same as my board so I trimmed some from the second cut that came in the package (2-pack) and used those strips to wrap around the edges to make it all smooth. 

I then stapled those strips to each edge, ensuring a tight fold over as I went along. 

This is what it will look like at this point. Kinda looks a mess and a little ripply but keep following me. 

After that, I took the second piece of foam, trimmed it to size to fit perfectly inside the wrapped foam. This will become the top of the stool cushion. 

Next, you will take the quilt batting and wrapped it completely around and stapled. When doing this, you will want to make sure the batting is thick enough to smoothe out all of the bumps and lumpy edges. For this reason, I doubled my batting.

You will want to lay your fabric of choice out and measure about an 2.5-3" around the edges to secure with the stapler or nail gun. At this point you will trim your fabric to size. And at this point, I needed to take a few deep breaths as it was the first time I had ever cut one of my German Grain Sacks. We will talk more about that in just a minute. 

After cutting I had about 3" on each side which was actually a lot for the size of my board BUT I wanted to salvage as much of the material as possible so that was my reasoning. You, of course, will probably not need to leave that much excess. You will repeat the steps just as with the foam and batting. Staple. Staple. Staple. 

And, you're done! 

I could have totally taken this a step further and added hinges to connect to the top to the bottom but I'm all about easy DIY these days and thought that if I ever wanted to use this crate from something else, I'd like to have that option available. Do whatever is best for you in this case! 

This crate is one of two that I purchased at a vintage sale this winter. It was pretty dirty so before beginning the project I cleaned it up pretty well and applied a satin poly finish just to give it a bit of new life! 

Here's my final product...

Again, I chose not to trim excessively around the edges which made for an interesting tuck, pull and staple on the corners but overall I am satisfied with the results. What do you think? 

This would be great to use just about anywhere in the house where additional seating and storage is needed. 
You can pop the top right off and store magazines, extra drinks for entertaining, books, linens for in the bathroom...kinda endless. 

And let the pics begin...and the eh hmm...pins. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick project and were inspired to make one of your own! 
Have a fabulous day, friends! 



  1. Great little project and tutorial!

  2. I love this and recently have been looking for crates... Pinned so that when I find them, I can make something similar! Please link up to Merry Monday Linky party next week (Sunday at 6pm PST!) .. Julia

  3. It looks great! love the slightly rustic feel it has going on!


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