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Tired of having your sleep cut down into strips instead of having a long one due to stings and itches?  Your beds and that of your family members might be in for some bed bug infestation.  Looking for Bed Bug Exterminator Bronx NY, call the Bronx Bed Bug Guys right now to regain your family’s resting time.


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Just like any pest, bed bugs are very nasty to deal with. They disturb your good night’s sleep and can keep the rest of your household awake at night.  Because bed bugs hate sunlight, they are usually active at night and are considered nocturnal pests. They feed at night and much more at dawn about an hour before the sun rises. They mainly feed on human blood. Although they are not known to be disease-carriers, their bites could be felt much later due to itchiness.

Their usual hiding places are in mattresses, bed frames, chairs, and couches.  Measuring only about 1 to 7 mm. long, bedbugs are very hard to find. Its eggs are even much more difficult because they are even smaller.  This makes eliminating them entirely a difficult task.  They could also hide in windows, doors, under carpets, cracks on the floor and other places. But wherever they hide, they could hide from the best Bed Bug Exterminator Bronx.  Contact Bronx Bed Bug Guys now for a free quote.


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Are bed bugs here to stay in your Bronx homes?

They could stay there unless you let us kick them out.  Adult female bed bugs lay eggs along edges of mattresses, cracks or crevices and other hidden areas.  As many as 200 eggs can be laid by one female after sucking blood.  The eggs in turn hatch into nymphs or young and go through five stages from 14 to 30 days then become an adult. They would mate right away and start another cycle. Bed bugs can live for 6 months to a year.  They usually feed every ten days but can survive for months without food.

Bedbugs survive the harshest of conditions. Even if they are small in size, their population can increase rapidly because of the nature of their life cycle. Being able to exponentially, their complete elimination must start at the early stages. Before their population goes out of hand, call Bronx Bed Bug Guys to get those bed bugs exterminated and bring your good night’s sleep back.

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Bed bug exterminator Bronx: 5 bed bugs prevention tips

Prevention is always better than cure, don’t you agree? Knowing that bed bugs can get into your bags or clothes, doing the following tips can help you minimize the chances of hitching a ride to your home.  You can lessen your pest problems by:

  • Being extra careful with your things when traveling and staying outside your home. If you have to stay in a hotel, check the bed and headboard, mattress, picture frames and chairs for signs of bed bugs. Place your bags on the luggage rack, not on the bed or floor.
  • Instead of placing your clothes on dressers, hang them. This would eliminate bed bugs latching on to your clothes.
  • Check from time to time for bed bugs in places where you sit, stay, or rest long enough. This also includes furniture and other things near the bed.
  • After a travel, unpack immediately.  Inspect your luggage and bags for the presence of bed bugs and treat them right away.  Wash all the clothes and beddings used on the trip.
  • Be extra careful when buying used furniture or surplus home stuff as these could be possible breeding places for bed bugs.

There’s just so much we can do in terms of preventing these nasty creatures into our own homes. But what are we to do if they have already infested your household? Yes, there are DIY options available for you.  But oftentimes, these DIY options bring more harm than good. If these methods are not done effectively and correctly, these could signal the bedbugs of an immediate threat. This could result in them being more aggravated and could even cause your more discomfort at night.

At times such as this, it is best to trust the professionals to do the job for you. You can get your peace of mind back and be assured that your pest problem is well taken care of. The good night’s sleep will be back for good and will be here to stay.

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Why choose Bronx Bed Bug Guys as Your Bed Bug Exterminator Bronx NY?

There are a lot of professional teams that provide bed bug extermination services in Bronx and the nearby New York area. What makes Bronx Bed Bug Guys different from the rest of the competition is our knowledge and over 30 years of experience in extermination services in Bronx. You could say we know the Bronx  neighborhood and its pests like at the back of our hands.

We employ modern technologies as well as environment-friendly solutions in our extermination methods. We take time in examining your property and in identifying the breeding ground for these pests. Upon identification of these problem areas, we employ our methods to effectively eliminate them. After eliminating them, we will work together you to prevent their return. You are assured that you get a good quality service. At the same time, you will also get an effective and efficient solution to your bed bug problems. All these while keeping your family and pets safe.

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