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Introducing the Bronx Bed Bug Guys

Our team is comprised of highly trained pest exterminator experts operating within the state of New York – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, specially our neighborhood in the Bronx.  We specialize in extermination of bedbugs, rodent extermination, ants and all other pesky critters that bugs you.  Bronx Bed Bug Guys provide cleaning, fumigation, property inspection against pests, sanitation works and various other pest exterminating services.   We are your call to guys who operate 24/7  to get your homes and offices clean and healthy.

Bronx Bed Bug Guys invests in the latest pest control equipment along with regular training so we can give the best results.  Try calling our customer service and experience for yourself courtesy and professionalism.


Bronx Bed Bug Guys only use environmentally friendly techniques

bronx bed bug guys new york exterminator home pest controlHere at Bronx Bed Bug Guys, we believe that the family’s health is the customer’s primary concern.  That is why we only deploy environmentally safe and family safe techniques when performing extermination.  We only want to eradicate your pests, not your pets.  Contact us today and get a free no-obligation quote for your pest control problem.  Experience the most proficient exterminator pest control services in the Bronx NY area now.  

Don’t take so much time thinking it out because your pests are growing in numbers by the minute. Click on this link to call us or fill in the form on this page.

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