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What pests are lurking in your Bronx property?

Before anything else, let us identify which pests are bothering you and are lurking in your property. Pests are nasty creatures that can potentially harm your family. Some of these pests can also cause property damage. Do you know which of these are pests are in your property? Let’s get to know each of them now.

Five Most Common enemies of Pest Control Bronx:

There are a lot of pests that could infest your homes and properties.  Some are destructive while some are disease carriers. One way of eliminating them completely is by knowing their weaknesses.  We can determine these weaknesses through knowing each of the pests behavior and food consumption. Here are five of the most common pests seen in Bronx NY are:

  1. Mouse Exterminator Brooklyn Rats

 Rats are rodents that supposedly from Asia and Australia and now found throughout the world.  The most common rats are the house rats and the brown rats. House rats are usually found in the tropics while the brown rats live in temperate countries.  They live where humans live though some species live on trees.  They eat any food in trash as well as grains, insects, snails and even small birds, mammals and reptiles.   Most rats are nocturnal but the brown rats could be active day or night.  They usually stick together as a pack and for brown rats the largest male generally leads the pack.

Rats build nests for their young which can reach 2000 for brown rats in a year.  In unfavorable conditions, they could reproduce only in summer and autumn.  After 90 days, female brown rats are already reproductive. Rats could live up to 3 years but mostly live only up to a year.

  1. Mice

Mice are small rodents usually grayish brown that prefer seeds and nuts but could eat any food there is. These pests could be found from underneath to the top of buildings.  They can also visit various sites up to 30 feet from home to feed.  Even if mice are color blind, they can usually live for about a year.

They usually enter into homes and offices through small holes to overwinter and be close to food and water.  They could damage walls, clothes and other things.  Like rats, they could spread diseases by carrying harmful germs.bronx bed bug guys new york pest exterminator inspection


  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are insects that cannot jump or fly feeding mostly on human blood.  The adults are flat, oval- shaped and brownish in color.  Moreover, the young produced from eggs that hatched goes through five stages before becoming adult.  It takes around 37 days from an egg to hatch and grow into an adult.  Their life span is approximated to be 18 months since they can survive for months without food.  They prefer to stay near humans they could be found in mattresses, bed frames, chairs or couch.  They will suck blood when people are usually asleep or staying for hours.  Even if bedbugs do not carry diseases, their bites can become infected if scratch often due to itchiness.

  1. Flees

Fleas are insects that feed on the blood of humans, cats, dogs, rats and other rodents.  It is wingless and just over 3 mm. long but can jump up 20 cm. They go through the life cycle of egg, larva, pupa and adult.  Depending on the prevailing conditions, fleas can become adult from an egg in half a month or over 8 months.  After becoming adult, fleas have to suck blood to be able to reproduce.  It can survive for 2 months without food.  They are usually found on shoes, pant legs or blankets.  Fleas are transmitters of some harmful bacteria and hosts to tapeworms.  They must be eradicated right away when present.

  1. bronx bed bug guys new york exterminator kill cockroaches Cockroaches

Cockroaches belonging to the roaches’ family of insects are anything but picky eaters. They enjoy eating almost anything within their reach. Their favorite organic food sources to snack on are sweets, meat, and those rich in starch. They also consume hair, books, and even decaying matter. These nasty flying creatures can survive for months at a time on harsh conditions even if only water is available to them.

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